Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019

This year couldn’t have started in a better way, here’s a brief description of what went on for the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019. The week opens with:


Bertrand Guyon – colorful, galactic, a focus in women’s body and shape also with a floral vibe. A lot of the dresses mimicked the silhouette of a flower.


Iris Van Harpen – if something describes this collection is unique, the color details and creation are certainly something that will be remembered. The curves and shapes, so amazing, it almost feels like the collection is alive and breaths.


Maria Grazia Chiuri – it felt very plain sadly. The house of Dior used to be a powerhouse in the fashion industry, and I don’t really know what to say. Maybe the departure of Maria Grazia is for the best. There’s something missing, Dior is not what it used to be.


Giambattista Valli – the volume for this dresses, beautiful creations, the design and colors for this collection are stunning. Giambattista was inspired by a picture from Yves Saint Laurent’s Avenue Marceau salon in 1977 during one of his haute couture fittings (source from Vogue) and it shows. This is a stunning collection.


Tamara Ralph & Michael Russo – a collection mostly inspired by María Félix, famous Mexican singer and actress, their intention for this collection was to “celebrate her cinematic Latin-American glamour.” This Show was a huge success, an amazing collection, I even dare to say that this has to be the best collection from Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019, I fell in love. The whole collection took my breath away.


Karl Lagerfeld – it was certainly a good collection. The feathers, colors, different textures and shapes made of this collection a success. Although it feels like a repetitive collection. It’s not bad not even close to that but something like we’ve already seen coming from the Chanel house. Chanel needs something fresh.


Clare Waight Keller – an interesting collection. I don’t know what to say about this collection. I mean that in a good way. Clare Waight did an amazing job, this collection is gorgeous, modern, different, elegant. She’s taking Givenchy into a new direction and it’s very interesting. Favorite designer, she’s taking the fashion industry to a new level, and the house of Givenchy to it’s origins, to what makes this a powerhouse in fashion. Congratulations Clare, you’r doing amazing. Bravo!


Alexandre Vauthier – delicate but fierce, sensual and very sexy. Alexandre congratulations on this collection.


John Galliano – creativity, uniqueness and fluidity, there’s a feeling of duality for this collection, between surrealism and realism. The opening looks were like a living painting and then Galliano showed a more traditional menswear looks.


Jean-Paul Gaultier – The sharpness of this show, the triangle figures and shapes. No doubt Gaultier is a designer with no fear of taking risks, amazing collection.


Elie Saab – Just like he described “It’s a dream of luminous mermaids emerging from the waves and promenading along the sea.” He wanted to celebrate the magic of femininity and this incredible talented designer did them justice, amazing work, stunning collection Elie Saab certainly never disappoints.


Pierpaolo Piccioli – simply congratulations. Amazing, stunning, breathtaking, heartbreaking, gorgeous, such a touching collection, it brought me to tears just to watch it. Piccioli one of the most spectacular shows at Paris fashion week. A celebration to black beauty beyond cultural conversations about diversity.


Guo Pei – a collection that felt like a ceremony, not another runway. These were her words, “The Palace of the East isn’t only a building, but also refers to women, because in Chinese culture you have different sayings about women in palaces. It also refers to the outfits and garments women are wearing in these palaces. And you’ll see it in my collection, which reflects all these outfits and garments. As for the people in the audience, I don’t really want them to understand the Eastern culture of the Palace of the East. I want them to read all this through their own imagination.” (source Vogue)


Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren – talk about Fashion Statements, that’s how they named their collection. “To what extent can you say something with clothing, literally,” (source Vogue) 17 oversized looks constructed in brightly-hued tulle all so colorful and voluminous. This collection felt like pop art a fashion statement, and quoting Amy Verner “The perfect formula, in other words, for the Costume Institute’s forthcoming exhibition on Camp.”


Zuhair Murad – most of the designers during fashion week have been inspired by the ocean, the underwater life, mermaids and it’s corals. This collection in particular is quite amusing, sexy, colorful and gorgeous. The color palette don’t even get me started with this, goals, simply goals.


Olivier Rousteing – The looks, makeup, design and runway, such a lovely collection. Just like Murad, these two designers nailed perfectly the palette. Mr. Rousteing never disappoints since he’s taking over the creative direction for Balmain almost nine years ago, the powerhouse has been moving forward, always avant-garde. All my respect.

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