Face to Grace

A talk show with the lovely Grace Coddington, if you call yourself a fashion enthusiast you’re binge-watching right now and if you haven’t what are you doing with your life?

Brought to us by M2M (Made to Measure) presents a brand new series hosted by celebrated fashion editor Grace Coddington. Filmed at New York City staple Mr. Chow, series guests include Ansel Elgort, Sophia Coppola, Nicolas Ghesquière, the amazing Anna Wintour and more. You just can’t skip on this one.



Grace Coddington used to be Vogue’s Creative Director, she’s one of the most influential people in the fashion industry and her presence is formidable. She is as described by Anna Wintour:

The Heart and Soul of the magazine, it’s guardian at the gate, it’s beacon of excellence.


When she stepped down from Vogue as their creative director, she was able to maintain the role as creative director at large, this allowed her to pursue other projects including work as a creative partner for Tiffany’s.

Wherever she may find herself Grace’s indelible mark will continue to influence the industry well into the digital age and this interview series is everything we need right now.

She confirmed to BoF (Business of Fashion):

It’s nerve-racking because I’ve never been on TV in this capacity. I’ve been interviewed, but not the one who is in control. But I’ve chosen people who are easy to talk to on purpose.

Created and produced by Grace, the series has 6 interviews so far and they can be streamed for free at M2M. We get to see a more personal side of Grace and relationships with her friends. In my opinion, my favorite interviews are with Sophia Coppola and Anna Wintour.


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