73 Questions with Vogue

Here’s to an incredible series of interviews with celebrities going from supermodels like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bella Hadid, to amazing designers like Donatella Versace, Michael Kors, artists like Lady Gaga and many, many more.

We can all say for sure this series changed our lives and we’re simply obsessed with it. Filmed in a single shot, some of our favorite personalities are challenged to answer 73 rapid-fire questions as simple as that.


You may ask who’s behind the camera? Who’s interviewing our favorite celebrities? Who’s the mastermind behind this incredible video series? Well his name is Joe Sabia and he is not only the interviewer but the creator and director! Joe is a New York City-based digital remix artist and 2011 TED Speaker.

It all began when five years ago Joe received a call from Condé Nast Entertainment asking him:

“What would you do with Sarah Jessica Parker if you had four hours?”


Joe was in on his way to Dominican Republic when he received the call. While thinking about this preposition during the weekend, Joe finally thought that the most exciting idea for a video with SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) was bombarding her with a totally crazy barrage of personality-quiz questions in an artistic one-take execution. So he wrote a pitch and sent it to SJP, who was the very first celebrity to be interviewed for the series and she just loved the concept. Not just that but, she said they could show the inside of her house for the first time ever!

It was originally planned to be 100 questions but pulling that off in one take (Yes, these are really shot in one take) felt a bit risky. And the rest is history the series was created in 2014 and has reached 52 episodes to date.

Without a doubt a complete success and a sensation in popular culture. Earning the sympathy of many YouTube creators who have made their own parody of the series, such is the case of Liza Koshy.

This one is a must if you call yourself a fashion enthusiast. So if you haven’t seen it, grab your favorite snack, go to YouTube and start binge watching the series, you won’t regret a minute.

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