Fran Summers Mad as a Hatter

Here’s to our next model, ladies and gentlemen, welcome the rising supermodel in the High Fashion industry, Francesca Summers a.k.a. Fran Summers. The Yorkshire dorky teenager who has stole our hearts with her charming personality & humor. I mean, just take a look at the interview with Vogue Italia with this amazing girl. Without a doubt you’ll have a good time, and some good laughs.


Fran Summers, one of the new fashion favorites. First spotted at JW Anderson’s London Fashion Week show for the spring/summer 2018 season and the rest is history. This young model with only 18 years old, has conquered the fashion world like a thunder. With such a charming personality, she has appeared on two of the big four British Vogue and Vogue Italia, not so bad for a new face. Fran has proven to be a professional in this industry, we’re delighted with her looks, editorial work and runway walk. She’s the whole package. In addition to these covers, she’s also booked campaigns with big brands such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chloé, Zara, Coach, Burberry, etc. And list goes on and on.

Who is this girl? Allow us to tell you more about her, she was scouted in London’s Westfield shopping centre at the age of 15 by a makeup artist, called Naima that worked in MAC, who took her to Storm Model Management. Where she was offered a contract “on the spot” almost as soon as she walked into the agency and while Storm is her mother agency, Summer is also signed by Ford Models in Paris, New York and LA. Summer is on’s Hot List.

Modelling was never at the top of Fran’s agenda, but nevertheless fate and an excellent bone structure has changed that. “I remember growing up watching America’s Next Top Model and thinking Miss J would have kicked me off before we even got to the makeover episode. When I’m walking on those catwalks, in all honesty, I just think about making sure my face isn’t doing anything weird and my limbs are moving in symmetry for once. Watching that TV show has come in handy!” (Vogue)

Want to get to know her better? Just take look into her social media accounts, she’s without a doubt an amazing person so funny, so goofy and mad as a hatter. The girl is just hilarious. Some interesting facts about her is that she used to de ballet, gymnastics and she used to be a good golfer. You can’t miss her interview with British Vogue doing the Crisp Challenge where her taste is being put to the test.


This is Fran Summers, the girl from Yorkshire, England, with a height of 1.78m/5ft. 10in., dark brown hair color, and blue eyes. The model who has captivated everyone with her dazzling personality, strong energy, big presence and a fresh new air to the industry, we got your back Fran don’t ever doubt of that.





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