Glad he’s gone

If I’m one honest, let me tell you that I hate you but I hate him more. Maybe I’m overreacting because I don’t hate, I’m just disappointed. But I’m glad everything’s over now. I’m glad he’s gone. You were my girlfriend and we used to talk every day, catch up with everything that happened in our lives, my confident. Since you got that boyfriend of yours all changed and started calling me crying cause you got problems. He always is complaining, and you’re committed to him. Coming to me for real advice when he was just playing.

I can tell I’ve already lost you, you’re in deep “love” and he loves being so hard to please. He’s a bitch. Did you go down on his birthday? Or did you show him all your crazy? Blow him up on the weekends? Darling, I think you know it’s time to let go. Don’t waste your tears for that sucker, only one dick and not even that big?

Bitch I love you but he never did! He was never able to see the lovely things in you that I do. I miss you, your smile, your madness, your laugh. You and me under each other’s wing. We were free until he ruined everything. I require you to be honest and tell me how you are feeling girlfriend? Do still cry for him? Just give it some time, breath, just keep breathing you’ll get better.

See I’m happy; that boy was just playing pretend. I knew you wouldn’t listen but finally you found out! That he’s never going to love you like I do but he’ll never find no one like you. Let’s be honest; his best friend was hotter than him. He didn’t have a good sense of humor and weak jokes. You’re better than someone who lies and cheats to set the scene.

Girl, just come around by tonight. I got wine and makeup wipes. I’ll hold you, and we can talk about how he’s not the one, I told you. I’m never going to say I told you so but I’m just so glad that you know. He’s gone, you’re better off I’m glad that he’s gone.

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