Thinking about you

Do you think I can have one more kiss? Just before you go, I’ll find closure on your lips and then I’ll let you go. You declared it in a simple way, so that I can comprehend. How strange that I don’t know you at all but still experience a connection. I told myself don’t get attached, but in my mind I play it back. Spinning more rapidly than the plane that took you. I don’t want to miss you this way. I don’t want to think about you. I want you here, but that’s not possible.

I got used to the idea, even though it hurts just a little, I know I can live with that. I meet you when everything was new and exciting. You showed me your tenderness and soft side. You’ve got that boyish look that I like in a man. It feels like I’m 15, nobody understands. You’re so obsessed with me and boy I understand. I want to see you and uncover what’s under that attitude. Bad boy but I know you’re not. I’m not going to tell, only you.

I remember your hand on my thigh and how I whispered, “So where are we going to go?” I can’t help but wish you took me with you. I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been missing you. Where the hell are you? I can still hear your voice. I ain’t got any choice, cause I’m here all alone. I don’t have you here with me but at least I have the memory. I try to make it through the night, but I can’t control my mind. Nobody got me the way that you did. You had my eyes rolling back and me arching my back. I wish you would hurry up and come back.

I don’t want anyone else, no one, so hurry cause I need some. I will be waiting, patiently waiting. I wish spring come sooner. Cause I don’t have you here with me… but at least I have the memory. I’ve said that twice, but I can’t deny, the things I felt. The way you are, sweet and loving. One more hug, keep me beneath your arms and my head resting in your chest. Just one more time, give me one more moment. I’ll keep that forever in my mind.

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