I’ll stand by you

Do you know how hard is to figure you out? You’re annoying most of the time, a pain in the ass and hard to deal with. You hit me once, and I hit you back, you gave a kick and I gave a slap. It’s part of how we communicate, sorry if I hurt you. I don’t mean to accuse you… the world made you the way you are. I feel like I know you, finally I’ve learned how to love you but fuck it! Turns out I haven’t even scratched the surface of your personality! Well, you know what? Fuck it! Because I do know you! Even if you claim I don’t, well I do.

Don’t you dare build your walls and keep me out of your life. I’ll be like a wrecking ball, and every time you try to close the door I’ll be knocking until you let me in. I’ll never try to hurt you intentionally. You need to know that I’ve made mistakes, like most humans, but I’m different. You don’t have to be afraid of me, and you don’t have to wear your shiny armor and pretend that you’re strong. You don’t have to worry about being vulnerable. I’m over here for you all the time. Don’t lie to me when you say you’re fine but you’re not really fine and all you want to do is cry. It bothers me your “I’m so tough” personality, baby you’re not made out of iron, though sometimes you act like a fucking robot.

I know you’re afraid, and I’m too, but you’ll never be alone, I promise you. When you’re weak, I’ll be strong. When you let go, I’ll hold on. When you need to cry, come to me and don’t be ashamed to cry. Allow me in and see through you cause I’ve been in the dark too. When you don’t recognize what to do, nothing you can say can make me love you less. I’ll stand by you and won’t let anybody hurt you. I’ve learned you’re not like most humans, you’re so weird and unique in your specie. You’re clever and logical, you’re afraid of risking your comfort zone, you’re so pure, cute, innocent and funny.

Though I hate your sarcasm and the way you talk to me. I hate that you are most of the time, but not always, right. I hate how you make me perceive things in a broader perspective. I hate how you calculate all risks before making a decision instead of doing what your heart tells you to do. I hate it when you make me laugh even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you’re not nearby and pushed me aside because I’ll always try to be there for you. I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all… even when you make me mad.

Don’t take me opinion as criticism is the way I express myself. I will never express my opinion about a movie, series, character, song, book or any other thing that is not about me because you’re just not here for it. You don’t want to know, and that’s okay, unless it’s about how I feel, how was my day or how life’s been treating me then I will try to avoid talking about stuff you like unless you ask me about it. Because after all I don’t want to push you, I just want to know you better now.

My yin to my yang, my cold winter to my hot summer, my reality check to my daydream. Everyone thinks that they know us but they don’t know anything about you or me. We fool them, and I’m glad we do it. My partner in crime though you don’t like misbehaving. Why do you always have to be the voice of reason? You’ve been there for me, when I feel like I’m stuck in a corner, trying to keep breathing, you hold me. When I overthink a situation or I’m simply head over heels you bring me down to reality, make me think logically and with my brain before setting my heart in place. Thank you for that for without your advice I’d be lost.

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