…Ready for it?

Looking back it’s been an amazing journey, one I never thought I’ll come so far. I had my highs and lows… I mean, what can I say? If I had to put a name to describe my 2019, it’ll be “Things I never thought I would do” what a fucking year, both in a good and not so good way. I’m more grateful than sorry must admit. Being honest it was an amazing year and looking back I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe some life choices but still I learned from those and wouldn’t be who am I today without them. So here’s to a new year; here’s to new beginnings, new adventures, new mistakes, new memories and new posts. Dying to see what this year might bring.

It’s been a year now since I started this journey, this blog, my blog and it’s been quite interesting. I find a way to heal through my writing and also I meditate. Words can be very powerful, I know that, learned I can do so much damage with them… had to do some damage control people get quite upset but I won’t apologize, I mean what I write or at least I meant it at that time. Anyways, I won’t reveal any names never ever, if you know me and know the whole story you’ll understand what am I talking about. Stop taking shit personal it’s not, it’s all about me and my feelings and my drama if you want to put it or call it that way, don’t care. Hope my readers connect with what I write and take something good out of it.

I learned I can’t control how everyone will react, I just control my words. But moving on I want to get something out of my chest. I’m totally coming for this year, I’m going to make this year my year, own it and take control. Want to be finally in more control. I want to grow closer to my family and friends. I might have not taken good care of them lately. Shame on me, my head it’s been into other stuff. Which leads me to the next point; I meet a killer, knew him since the first time that I saw him. He’s not like any other kind of boys I’ve meet. Some try to hard, but he doesn’t try at all, though. He’s such a gentleman, and I see nothing better. I see how this is going to go, and it’s exciting.

Big changes started to happen, I’m relieved with some and feel curious with others. So far it feels good. I don’t know I just think I’m going to hope for the best. See how things develop and try to go with the flow while still being in control on my own. Hard to explain. I’m prepared for any kind of obstacle that comes at me and if I were to fall I’ll just get up and continue with my path. Let the games begin, question is… are you ready for it?

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