Fuck you

Do me a favor and just before you open your mouth, look inside your tiny mind. Now, look a bit harder. Cause I’m so sick, uninspired, tired and done with all the hatred you harbor. You say: it’s not okay to be gay; even though you are? Well, I think you’re just evil; you’re just some racist homophobic that can’t tie up his laces. Your point of view is medieval! So fuck you! Fuck you very much!

Cause my friends, and I hate what you do and we hate your whole crew. Please don’t stay in touch. Your words don’t translate, they’re stocked of hate and it’s getting quite late. Have you ever been kicked or punch for being incredibly small minded? Funny cause you just want to be like your father it’s approval you’re after. Well, that’s not how you find it. Can you be honest, real with me and tell me that you enjoy living a life so hateful? There’s a hole where your soul should be, you’re losing control. They’ll find, I’m sure they’ll know by now. You’re in a war, and you’re losing. It’s people like you that need to get a big spoon of their own hate. Nobody asked for your opinion!

I’ll be here observing you drowning, having a good time with my friends, waking up every morning with a big smile on my face. You’re probably still trying to figure out your mind. Where’s that shiny car? Where’s that super cool job? Where’s that smoking hot girlfriend? Where’s that vast life? You’ve never seemed so tense and it’s hilarious, seeing you fall so hard. Do you know where you’re standing? Aren’t you tired of living a lie?

Guess you’re free to do whatever the fuck you want, you are so petty. Hope you’ll find some peace falling on your knees. Your condition won’t change unless you grow the nuts to change it. Even though I don’t like you, clearly, I wish you find happiness and I truly hope you can one day live your life the way you want, gay or straight, bi or queer, hope you find the answer. Fuck you, see you never.

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