My mind is confused, and my heart’s aching for its been two weeks since the last time I saw you. I haven’t heard much from you, and I realize there’s nothing I care but you. It’s overwhelming because I realized I didn’t want to lose you. Wasted time doing other stuff while I should’ve texted you, call you, thought a bit more about you. You make me lose control, and I’m slipping through the floor baby please don’t crush me.

I look back and think about how cute, sweet, innocent and lovely you are. It’s just the way that you are, the way that you walk, the way that you talk, the way that you read me. Walking in the night, you took me and told me, “please stay on the sidewalk, I’ll be on the lane because I’m terrified you get hurt” and it was the first time you showed me you care. I love your tenderness and sweet comments about how I look. Honey don’t hide that look in your eyes, it drives me crazy. You’re so damn lovely I wish I’d meet you before but our timing is right. At first you didn’t look at me and I felt a bit confused wondered maybe you’re shy… After a few days you told me you couldn’t handle watching me because I was too beautiful and you just kept softening my heart, layer by layer, you got closer.

You found me and what I’ve been looking for so long came to my life in the form of you. I’ll let you take the wheel; my heart is yours to steal. I know this is real, so baby don’t crush me. I recognize an angel when I see one because I’ve been stuck with way too many demons. Just recently I learned that I didn’t have to put up with anyone’s bullshit to be in a relationship, that’s low self-esteem, I won’t fucking tolerate what I don’t like. With you since the very first time everything was lovely, you were a gentleman. That’s how it should be at the very beginning, romantic. That’s how you fall, if I fall now, I know you’ll catch me. That’s how you know you’re in love.

Don’t let my heart break and crush. I didn’t know who I was for a minute, I didn’t knew where I was. I was a bit lost till you found me and I thought I knew about love, had to admit how wrong I was. You’re what I was hoping for, all I dreamed of and more, you’re what I’m looking for. To be honest I didn’t know how bad I wanted this, hard to keep it modest, he thinks my body’s flawless. The feeling I guarded, there’s nothing better than having a first kiss, even more when it comes from you. Two weeks since our first kiss, I wondered why did it took you so long to do it. You said: I want to take my time and enjoy our time together, don’t want to rush anything, I want to make things right. That was the moment I knew. Baby don’t crush me.

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