Delicate 2.0

There’s a war inside of me, overthinking it’s my specialty. Constantly seeking to be seen but… nobody notices me. Every time it’s different from the previous one, in the end nobody stays for long… Distinct beginnings with the same end. It feels like engaging in a different game, when I reach certain level my player dies and I have to start all over again. Seems like they get to know me and realize this is not what they want in their life, it’s okay. I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me.

It’s always complicated, and I always find myself getting into sticky situations. Whenever I met someone who’s nice, it turns out to be the opposite. Last time I got crushed and asked him not to crush me. He didn’t care at all. I try my best; I really do, I care, I ask, I give but… it’s always the same. I haven’t abandoned the hope tho, that someone, somewhere, someday might be interested. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the faith, but I do believe there’s a true love for everyone out there, maybe my one true love it’s always in the wrong time zone. He might be asleep and here I am writing this. Maybe he’s always been next to me, and I haven’t realized it yet. It is possible we just met and found ourselves in the process of falling into each other. Who knows, while it lasts I’m going to enjoy each part of it, live completely and truthfully. He’s nice and charming. Even though a friend told me that “they’re always nice and sweet at the beginning” I don’t really care okay, so what if they’re like that? The problem seems to be me and not them. I’ve been wanting something serious. I’m tired of all the games, tired of all the long list of ex-lovers, a don’t want to fill more blank spaces.

We can’t make any promises now, can we, babe? Just take me out and then take me home. Think of all the fun things we can do, cause I like you. I think you must like me for me at the same time I have to admit I’m a bit afraid. I want you, and I want to know you better now. Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you’re in my head? Is it too soon to do this yet? Cause I know that can be delicate. So handsome you’re a dream, I bet everyone who see you wants you, boys and girls.

It’s all delicate, don’t want to take the wrong step, don’t want to say the wrong thing, don’t want to make a mistake. Just tell me it’s not for fun. You’re all ready in my head can’t get you out of there, don’t want to. I feel so stupid, can’t even stop listening to love songs. When I really like someone I have no eyes for anyone else, my brain shuts down all logic and I become a fool. I’m just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies, wanting to be seen, please see me. I’m trying to reach out for someone I can’t see, please take my hand.

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