I want to start this out and say I got to get it off my chest. I’m flawed and if you don’t like that get lost. I was a bit shattered and although I healed. I still bear the scars as a reminder that not everyone demonstrates the most honourable intentions. I’m still a dreamer, and I know, I’m sure that I have a good heart and I will never try to hurt someone intentionally. I’m only human, I make mistakes, I hurt and get hurt; I get furious and I cry a lot. Most of the time I’m the one with the initiative to send the first message, the one to speak out and I’ll be straightforward.

If you take too long to hit me back, I can’t promise you how I’ll react but all I can say is at least I wait for you. Lately, I’ve been on a rollercoaster trying to get a hold of my emotions but all that I know is I require you close. I feel everything, at times I feel my feelings a bit too much and I can be sensitive. I can be hard to handle. I can be annoying but I’m going to speak out, scream and shout for what I love. Call it being too passionate, but I don’t give any fucks. I’ll admit that I might be a little messed up but I can conceal it well when I’m all dressed up. You can’t tell, but I’m a bit crazy. I’m obsessive and love too hard. Always good at overthinking with my heart.

I’m sorry for being like this, sorry if I’m up and down a lot, sorry that I think I’m not enough and sorry for saying sorry way too much. I’m frightened that I’m falling, come catch me I’m falling. I’m blind and am falling, my heart is calling. You can go ahead and call me selfish, but fuck… You can’t say that I’m not invested, and what you can trust is that I need your touch. How do you think it got this far?

I can be needy, way too damn needy. It’s so hard to delight me, but tell me how good it feels to be needed. I know it feels so good to be needed. After all, I know I’m not so bad, and I can make a list of all the good things that I am. So here’s the deal I’m a fucking Tamagotchi, I need attention at times, I overthink, I love too hard and I feel everything. Just because I’m like that doesn’t mean I’m going to take irresponsible decisions. I’m still self-aware, I know my limits. My point here is that I’m flawed, but my intentions are good. So pick me, choose me, love me.

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