I love my hair; it’s one of the things I like the most about myself. The texture, the length, it’s color, I like the color like a mix of brown with a reddish shade. I’m not ginger even though a few friends have told me it looks like it, I recognize myself as a brunette. Our hair it’s one of our trademarks, people can easily recognize us by it. Men can combine it with their beard, and it suddenly makes a difference with their appearance. Women on the other side their hair is everything, like a crown you never take off. It is well known that a woman who trims her hair is about to transform her life.

It all comes down to changes, and I’ve already talked about change on a previous note. Going back there change is the only constant in our life, we’re all making and going through changes right now. The world has changed, our way of life is different now. As humans we need to adapt or die… maybe that’s an extreme thought but it’s true, nonetheless. With change we experience a new beginning. It feels good to start fresh once again, I want to say it’s utterly stupid how we hold to our past refusing to let go. It’s unnatural how desperately we want something to work out when all the signs point that it wasn’t meant to be.

We can’t determine the future; the past cannot be changed, but our present is precious and what we will do with the time that is given to us is the question. I’m learning to love myself once again. I’m trying to love all my features and start seeing all the qualities for which the people around me, love me. It’s hard, self-love it’s really hard but I’m just trying to live one day at a time. I have closed the door on my past and unlocked a new one to step through and move forward into the future. I have renewed hope in my heart, a spring in my step and I will make the following chapter of my life one to remember.

There’s more to life than the page, chapter, event or moment you’re stuck on. Recently for once I could say and am sure that it always feels like there is just one person in this world to love. And then you find somebody else, and it just seems crazy you ever worried in the first place. Finding closure on a relationship was everything I needed to move on. There’s not a specific way of getting over a breakup or steps on how to fix a broken heart. I can certainly say that having a clear understanding of why it ended restored my ability to move on. Yet time and again when I was offered that simple and honest explanation I rejected it.

I have accepted it is over now. I know it draw to its end. Closing doors, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over. I thought I tried everything and felt useless, I was going mad and I wanted to make him disappear. Even though I was no longer talking to him, I still checked on him; wanting to know if he was “online”, if he saw my story or if he shared a new meme; I was stuck. I finally decided to unfollow him, unfriend him and I erased his number from my phone. He does not deserve more of my attention. I had enough. I have to get him out of my hair, cut it off, not for him but for me. In conclusion don’t get stuck, close the cycle, recovery is not a straight line but do whatever you have to move on. Don’t look back and make no apologies for how you decide to repair what they broke.

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