The Cambridge Dictionary defines “Freedom” as “The condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited.” The United Nations list “Freedom” as one of their “Universal Values” but is “Freedom” really a universal value? You might think it is, but history and recent events prove the contrary. Throughout history there has been many struggles to achieve a state of freedom. When this idea was threatened, major decisions and great wars were fought. It is common to think all men and women, in all places and all times, have wanted freedom. However, you cannot just define “freedom” as a universal value, “freedom” in fact has a very large number of meanings to different people; J. Rufus Fears, professor of Classics and chair in History of Liberty at the University of Oklahoma decipher the meaning of this word in three components for a better quantification of its meaning.

There are national freedom, political freedom, and individual freedom. National is the freedom of an entity (nation or tribe) to be independent of any foreign domination or control. Political represents the freedom to vote and choose your own officials. The right to say what you want in political discussions, to govern yourself under the laws that you give yourselves. At last but not least individual freedom which represents the freedom to believe whatever you choose and live as you choose as long as you harm no one else. It should be coherent to understand, that all human beings are entitled to their freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to conceive what you want. Freedom of conscience, the freedom to believe what you prefer. Economic freedom, freedom to follow your desired profession and religious freedom. It is important to understand these concepts, so you can recognize when someone is violating this right. Whether you are doing it to someone, when it is being done to you or someone else. We must acknowledge that as much as we are free to do as we please, we are responsible for our actions. There are consequences to our doings. No one is above the law.

So, if “freedom” is not a universal value, what is? Our conclusion is that freedom equals power. In history just like change, power is a constant. There is a crave in humans to dominate others. We see it in great civilizations like the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, etc.; they acquired an enormous influence in history, and it was built by their great individuals. These empires rise and fall as a result of personal decisions made by outstanding leaders. George Bernard Shaw explains that:

Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.

Which makes more sense; as we identify this kind of corruption over police, government officials, political leaders, religious leaders and any other kind of position that sustains some kind of power. Because they feel like they can achieve whatever they desire without fear of consequences. Idiots have been placed in a position of power and suddenly they forget they also have a responsibility to the people that placed them there. I call out for justice for the people that are no longer with us. I call out for justice for the people that were ever discriminated, dismissed, mistreated, misplaced or misunderstood. I won’t tolerate racism against an individual for the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, religious, economic or political stance, ethnicity, race or disability. It is not enough to just not tolerate; we also need being anti-racists; it is now a call for action and change. It is a call out for all the people that know their privilege, recognize it and use it in favor of those that don’t have the same opportunities. Call out the people in your life that discriminate others, they reflect on you and your values. You might be not expressing the way they do, but you are allowing it; that is being just as guilty as them. Call out for justice for as long as there is none there is no peace. Stop the spread of racist behaviors, religious fanaticism or ignorance. Those represent the biggest threats to a community. Ignorance is a disease and there is an abundance of this one. Keep being informed for knowledge also equals to power. Respect, tolerance and acceptance of an individual difference for a peaceful coexistence. We have a responsibility as citizens, what are our values? It is rightly perceived that each country has the leaders that they deserve, if that is true, we need to make a change in us first. Stand in solidarity. Speak, ask, demand, fight for freedom and justice, don’t let them rot in hell.


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