Side to side

Warning: the following post is intended only for mature audiences, viewer discretion is advised. Explicit content ahead.

I don’t precisely recall how it all started, but I was determined to get things done. It was the end of my shift and last day of my week. There were a hundred million different thoughts in my head at that moment, but you were definitely not one of them. I saw your message and thought:

This dumb motherfucker… I might regret what I am about to do but… I guess it’s worth the try.

I’m used to go through embarrassing moments and few things I regret in my life but that night, damn… It was hot and steamy, will do it over and over again.

You picked me up at seven, your car is a black BMW, you open up the door for me. It’s absurd because this wasn’t planned. You were in your gym clothes, shorts and a tank top; coming from a chest session. You asked how my day was, and we made small talk. You were being flirty, asked me to touch your chest to feel how pumped you were. I got closer to you, placed my right hand in your chest while my other hand was reaching your thigh. You felt it and you enjoyed how my fingers were reaching underneath your shorts. We reached our first traffic light. You stopped because it was red, and I got my hands out. You were looking at me a bit confused; asked why did I stopped. I guess I wanted to be surprised and not ruin the fun before it even starts. You were flexing your big arms; they were the size of my head, you asked me to hold onto them and I did.

You’re so tall and fucking hot, you’re such a jock and that convinced me to go with you. We were in your place and just before I even said a word, you held me, turned me around and kissed me. You pulled me close to you, and I could tell you were hard. I wrapped my arms around you, while we are making out, your tongue reaching places inside my mouth that not even I knew existed. The room is starting to feel the heat; it was getting hotter and hotter. Oh, you are so horny, you want to fuck. You start taking out all my clothes and almost ripped my shirt. You grab me by my legs, taking me into your room. You lay me gently in your bed and during all this time we haven’t stopped making out. I need a second to breathe. You are kind and ask me if I’m okay, I am. We switch places; I’m on top of you but you still got your shorts on, I pull them out revealing your thick cock. You were very hard; you have a kinky smile and you’re staring at me with devilish eyes. Telling me without a word to put it in my mouth and suck. I start licking it from the top going all way down to your nuts. I open up my mouth, hoping I won’t choke and die from doing what I like the most, and swallow every inch. Keep on watching me, going down and up and down. Do I suck dick? You haven’t seen shit, watch me slide it down my throat. I’m about to show you what I do with that tongue. I will put tears in your eyes when I milk you dry.

I hop on you and my buttchecks rub against your member. I reach for your face, and we keep on making out, you’re moving your waist in a way like if you were inside of me. You bring your hands to my butt and smack them, grabbing and squeezing, I enjoy the way you touch me. You whisper into my ear how much you want to jack it, smack it, you know the shit that turns me on; you want to lick it, kiss it. Give me everything I desire. I’m in four moving my ass because I know how much you love when I misbehave. We got the windows steaming. You whisper into my ear:

I want to fuck you right now. It’s been a long time, and I’ve been missing your body. Let me turn the lights down, and I will go down. I want to lick you off. Give it to you in the worst way, doggy style.

Uh-huh! I think you’re moving in too close, but I think that’s my body wanting it the most. Put this cake in your face and lick the icing off give it to me in the worst way, make a wish. I like it when you eat it, I like the way when you do it like that and it’s not even my birthday. You stand up now ready, getting it in. Come here baby, don’t tip it, just fill it, I need you deep inside. Show me how much you mean it by the way you please me baby. Go all the way Christian Grey on me. Uh-huh! Don’t slow down, give me all together! Oh yeah, just like that, keep it up, don’t stop, yeah fuck me!

Fuck, we both came; first round over, are you ready for the next one? Remember where we did it? Remember how you did it? Remember how you fit it? We were all night, doing it on the bed, on the floor, on the couch, in the shower, nonstop. It felt like you aim to please me baby. It was so good. Next day I just know I’ve been here all night and boy, you got me walking side to side. My friends keep talking way too much, saying I should give you up. It’s hard to hear them knowing what your size and hands can do, but they are right. At the end you only had good dick game, but with no brain. I miss your mighty hammer, not what it was attached to it, but at least I enjoy the memory.

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