Private Show

Warning: the following post is intended only for mature audiences, viewer discretion is advised. Explicit content ahead.

There is something about this man. I can’t quite explain what it is; I just know I want to take my clothes off all the time whenever I’m with him. I know he’s bad; not a single bone in his body is good enough for me. Constant heartaches and headaches, with him I’m never healing. On the other hand, he’s got a touch so good that I never want to leave, so I don’t. Like a slow grenade, blowing up my mistakes. Why can’t I stop it? I still got time for me to stop it. It’s like a part of me must want it, a part of me must love it. I know he’s bad; not a single bone in his body is good enough for me. Wearing his favorite dress, skintight, the one that he likes. I even did my hair up real nice for tonight I’m going to get my mind off of it. One thing is certain, I don’t care, just can’t be alone.

My mind is obsessive, my game is aggressive. He’s got my adrenalin pumping and I can’t help imagining all the things we’d do, with no clothes on. The guardian at the entrance knows who I am, no need to explain. He just welcomed the devil that will get him out of his head. Entering the elevator, the temperature is running high. I ain’t about pretending, this is my choice and he’s just a toy. I like the way he satisfies me and I ain’t ashamed of it. Knock, knock on the devil’s door. Hey, tiger why so surprised? Wasn’t this the food you order? I’m tasty and delicious, rough around the edges just the way you like it. I know you can’t resist; don’t worry I’ll take you to your room, so you can enjoy your meal. Turn up the music, turn down the lights and witness my private show. Don’t stop watching, get inside my dirty mind, I know you like the way I spread my legs around. Dancing to the beat in sync, drop the bass get lower and I will go slower. Twerking my way around, he’s never seen a booty like this, oh you want to smash? Wait because the beat just got sicker. I’m going to bend on my knees and arch my back, just to tease you. This kitty cat is about to show her claws.

I’ll get up and sit on your lap, oh baby you’re hard! The room got sexy and you keep on watching, I know you desire me like kids want candy. Don’t you merely sit and stare, please run your fingers through my hair. Why don’t you just take it off? We will leave this dress and make a mess on the floor. You like it don’t you? Don’t you want to touch? Where? There? Uh hu, yeah! I’ll make out with you till my lipstick ain’t up on my face no more. You bring out my passionate side. I feel confident, bold and empowered. I own my sexuality. Tonight I’m not only just going to dance for you, I’m going to put my body on your body. I’ll be rocking you, swirling on you, promise not to tell nobody because it’s about to go down.

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