Hey love, do you hear me? I’m talking to you, across the water across the vast sea that is your mind. Penny for your thoughts? I’m trying here, what’s making your mind so busy? You’ve got that clueless look in your green eyes. Have I told you that I’m madly in love with you? I’m not sure when or how it all started I just know that at some point we evolved, and I cannot picture my life without you. I appreciate the way you state my name, like if you knew my dark side too. You will learn about it someday; all I ask is if we are going to give this a chance be patient with me. Promise you will love me, even when you hate me cause that’s when I will require you to love me the most. I spent countless days and nights thinking about how you felt about me, trying to solve this puzzle. I was not sure and didn’t want to take any risks. I’ve been hurt before, and you were always there. If this feeling was a mistake, I didn’t want for it to get in our way. I guess I wanted more than this, even though not much has changed; I wanted to know that you are mine and I am yours. It’s hard not falling for your best friend; we never planned this. It never crossed my mind, but it was that damned smile. The way I was so comfortable being with you that I’ve never felt with anybody else. Is just the way that you are, the way that you walk, the way that you talk, the way that you know me. Darling, it drives me crazy.

I’m just lucky, to be in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. People around me don’t know how long it takes waiting for a love like this. It’s just so funny how the universe works for when we were able to see each other we never had a chance to be alone together. Throughout the distance and time, we remain together, we’re only going stronger. It’s tedious, there were many stolen moments. Every time we said goodbye; I just wish we had one kiss, please wait for me, I’ll wait for you I promise you. What I’d do to have you here, near right next to me? I love the way you are its who I am, I don’t have to try hard.

Oh baby I can hear you, in my dreams. I feel your whisper across the sea; I keep you close to my heart. When I’m with you life it’s easier. I fell in love with a beautiful girl, and she still takes my breath away. Every time I hear your name I can’t help but smile, for reason’s a cannot explain it never feels out of place. I love you more than you think I do. I’m sorry it had to be you, at some point maybe I was frightened too. Sorry for keeping you awake at night trying to figure me out. I guess I just wanted to wait a little longer for the circumstances do not allow us to see each other. I want to make things right cause my feelings have never been more clear to me before. I know I want you; I’ve been waiting for you and I can wait a little longer. I promise I’ll never grow tired of you. It’s hard to express how much you mean to me, but no one gets me like you do. I’ve shared my most deep secrets, things I’ve never shared with anybody else but you. I’m comfortable sharing and spending time with you even at the distance.

I woke up sweating from a dream with a different kind of feeling. On that day my heart kept beating searching for the meaning of this odd feeling. Your hazel eyes, in my mind but I was so color blind. We never crossed the line only friends our whole life. It was you; I couldn’t believe it but now I know why my heart was never satisfied. No more guessing who, looking back now I know it was always you. Therefore, I now promise to tell you how beautiful you are, even when you don’t feel like it. Each and every day I will remind you of that gorgeous smile of yours. I love making you laugh, if only you could see you through my eyes you will realize just how beautiful and perfect, you are. You used to be a girl I knew, my best friend I ultimately came to my senses. All the other girls, loves I lost, broken hearts, victims of the game it didn’t matter anymore. A ray of luck struck; every road leads me back to you. The search is over, love was right before my eyes and I promise that no distance or time will retain my love apart. For I want to see you for whom you truly are the good and bad, I want you all. My best friend, my love.

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