Once upon a time, there was a girl that all she wanted was to be loved. She came from a noble family. Appreciated be anyone who got the pleasure to meet her. She had hazel hair with a reddish hue, honey brown eyes, rosy cheeks with some freckles round her eyes, pink lips perfectly shaped like a heart. She was pretty, and she was well aware of that fact. Suitors from many regions came to claim her hand but she rejected all of them. Her brother got mad and told her:

You are obnoxious and too picky. Just accept any of those men. At this rhythm you’ll stay single forever!

To what she replied:

No dear brother, I’m not ‘too picky’ I am selective. I don’t possess too low standards to simply accept anyone’s proposal. If I may I rather stay single my whole life cause not just anybody deserves me. Perhaps and as a matter of choice, I shall be hard to love than easy to leave!

Her brother was astonished, she then left the room angrily and went for a walk. She then cried miserably, not knowing what was causing the pain inside her. She went on to consider what her heart’s desire was:

I know I would like a boyfriend, but I just keep hitting dead ends. Tried to take a shortcut, but I get cut again and again. I want a boyfriend; can anybody tell me if are there any good ones left? I keep finding wrong ones, but I want love again and again. Though I know there is a difference between a want and a desire some nights I just want more than me. I know that there is a fine line between cause it isn’t what I need, but I want a boyfriend.

I must admit, and I don’t care for anyone’s opinion! I want a boyfriend who will give me his jersey when I’m cold. That will comfort me when I’m feeling down. That will hold my hand in line at the mall and make everyone else within the room jealous. I want a boyfriend that will text me every morning “Good morning beautiful.” that will kiss and hug me in front of his friends. A boyfriend that will take funny and cute pictures with me. Who will remind me how much he loves me each day. That will call me at twelve in the morning on my birthday and tell me that he never wants to lose me. I want a boyfriend that will love me for who am I. That will be my best friend and will never break my heart and can always make me smile.

I want someone I can run to. Someone I can tell my darkest secrets to. Someone who won’t judge me for the mistakes I’ve made, for the mistakes I will continue to make. I want someone who understands, I want someone who hears and not just listens. I want someone who says good night to me and prays to God they get the chance to say good morning. I want someone who knows my dark side and quirks. I want someone who wipes my tears away; that holds me and won’t let go. I want someone who needs me, not in a condescending or toxic way. I want someone who loves me the way I want to be loved romantically. I would like someone that will not take me for granted.

I don’t care about the size, color of his hair or skin, chubby or skinny, Asian, European, Latino, Black or White, one or two legs, I don’t care! As long as he’s good and kind, features a beautiful smile, lovely eyes and a captivating personality. It must be taller I dare say, his height above 6’1” not less. I prefer my men tall. I would like those romantic movie moments a kiss under the rain and dates on the beach. I want him to bring me flowers, not just any flowers but my favorites, white tulips. I want him to cook with me or on behalf of me, be lazy with me, look after me, call me nice things, make me laugh. He has to fight for me, protect me and want me. He will have to trust me to the 110%, tell me what’s on his heart, understand when something is wrong and tell me. I will accept him for whom he is with all his flaws, mistakes, smiles, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, everything. I want a boyfriend that desires to conquer the planet even as much as I would like to try and do it.

If by any chance someone is able to catch my boyfriend’s attention, they can have him. I don’t want someone who can be stolen far from me. I want a mature guy who keeps his attention on me and only me. I know he’s going to stumble upon many beautiful girls, but if he truly cared about me, other girls shouldn’t even be a problem. A man who can be easily taken away from me, isn’t a man, and I don’t want it. If you just so happen to be one in all those people who catches his attention aside from me, you can keep him. I don’t want him. It’s no surprise that I don’t have a boyfriend yet. I don’t think that a lot of people would be ready to keep up with me. I know who I am and know what I want to do. I am a lot to handle and perhaps my brother is right. I will be single forever, but I accept my fate if I never find someone as my heart desires. My eyes light up when I bring up my passions and I’m not scared of defying social norms and be who I am. Sadly most of those things scare people but not my friends. After all, and just like my family they’ve been there for me looking over me. I shouldn’t be overwhelmed by something so empty and shallow. I’m still on the bloom of my youth and should only care for that and not an imaginary boyfriend.

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