Wicked Game

I have under no circumstances been the kind of person to play games with. Sure, I don’t mind some teasing and flirting there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you are just fed up with everyone’s bullshit. I get it, dating is hard. I have been to many dates before I know the drill. We meet up, grab a cup of coffee, we talk and then we decide whether this is something mutual or we’re not feeling it. Not everyone is used to rejection, but it happens. It has happened to me before countless times; I know what a shocker. I’ve been rejected before and have rejected people as well. It’s part of the dating game, fucking game. I get it, not everyone, has good taste. I’m a flavor, not everyone, gets the pleasure to taste. Moving forward there are a lot of key factors when it comes to dating, I hate it by the way not because of the people. I hate dating due the fact that it requires a lot of energy and I’ve only used dating apps which are also tiring. They require a great deal of energy, time and a bunch of other things. Don’t get me wrong I love the compliments and the attention which I seek most of the time, maybe it’s cause I’m an Aries. But I’ve heard it all now, thank you I appreciate the compliment but is there something else you might want to add? I’m not asking for another compliment. But is there something else? Maybe you can ask me about my day, if I’ve eaten something, or how am doing with college. You can also try asking me about what I write, about my blog or about something else but please stop for a moment and just reflect.

Have you ever felt the attention but at the same time so unseen? Like people look at you but they don’t pay any attention to your surroundings. Dating is a bit difficult, it’s exhausting, and I absolutely don’t know why I do it. Most of the time I friend zoned most of my suitors. I try to always be upfront about my intentions with people. Off and on I would feel like there’s something that’s got potential but later on it will fall into a friendship. That’s okay, people talk and then stop talking, people share numbers and suddenly they stop calling. It’s never personal. There has never been anyone that has made me feel sure about every step I take into the relationship. I date older men cause in my mind I think they might be a bit mature, honest and upfront with me, BULLSHIT! Same fucking deal don’t fall into that. They are just as baffled as a fifteen-year-old boy. You would think they might be pursuing a serious relationship but, in my world, that’s a bit different. I’m thoroughly tired of these games and of that one guy that always plays the mysterious role with gloomy eyes and careless hair. That person, that’s afraid to share too much with me, yeah, I’m talking about you. You whose too cool to care, with nothing else to say besides some comment on the weather. Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to witness, your games don’t fuck with me. It is possible they do but just a little bit, I wouldn’t be writing this post but who cares. There was a race and there were five, then there were four, suddenly there are none. And it’s really such a shame, because I was Mr. “Here to stay” now I’m Mr. “Don’t care” and someday maybe you’ll realize the prize you’ve lost but by then, you’ll be Mr. “Too late.” Well, excuse me, guess I’ve misjudged you for somebody else, somebody who gave a damn, somebody more like myself, my bad.

To end on a cheerful note. I have no bad feelings towards you, asshole, sorry. Maybe next time consider asking back the same questions you were inquired. Consider elaborating on your answers and use the keyboard on your phone. There’s more than just “Yes” and “No” in a conversation. Reply even if there’s nothing else to say send a sticker don’t keep him up with your silence, that silence is the most violent. If you are interested, then show some interest. Anyone can reply. I can do it as well but if you are drawn to someone try having a conversation. They might feel like you are not having one and are just replying out of commitment. I think you are weird. It took me a long time to comprehend you, I still think there was a lot to unfold but out of self-respect I think it was best to leave it there. All is left to say is that I can’t make you like me if you don’t. I can’t definitely make your heart feel something it won’t. Game over I’m done.

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