Are your dreams crazy enough?

Hi, I have something to tell you. There’s something, that’s been bothering me, how unusual, it’s about procrastination. I have to admit; I have left a lot of things to do until last minute. I hate myself for that, why am I like this? It gives me so much anxiety, I stop enjoying life, I get stressed out and can’t do things right. Lately I’ve … Continue reading Are your dreams crazy enough?

Grace Elizabeth a Rising Star

Grace Elizabeth the southern girl from Lake City, Florida that it’s conquering the fashion industry and quickly becoming one of the highest requested models in the industry, for the past five years. I know that we’re late to the party and it’s no surprise how much this model has grown. It’s astounding how fast she’s becoming one of the top models in our times. Appearing … Continue reading Grace Elizabeth a Rising Star

Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019

This year couldn’t have started in a better way, here’s a brief description of what went on for the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019. The week opens with: SCHIAPARELLI Bertrand Guyon – colorful, galactic, a focus in women’s body and shape also with a floral vibe. A lot of the dresses mimicked the silhouette of a flower. IRIS VAN HARPEN Iris Van Harpen – if … Continue reading Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019