Fran Summers Mad as a Hatter

Here’s to our next model, ladies and gentlemen, welcome the rising supermodel in the High Fashion industry, Francesca Summers a.k.a. Fran Summers. The Yorkshire dorky teenager who has stole our hearts with her charming personality & humor. I mean, just take a look at the interview with Vogue Italia with this amazing girl. Without a doubt you’ll have a good time, and some good laughs. Fran … Continue reading Fran Summers Mad as a Hatter

Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019

This year couldn’t have started in a better way, here’s a brief description of what went on for the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019. The week opens with: SCHIAPARELLI Bertrand Guyon – colorful, galactic, a focus in women’s body and shape also with a floral vibe. A lot of the dresses mimicked the silhouette of a flower. IRIS VAN HARPEN Iris Van Harpen – if … Continue reading Paris Haute Couture Spring 2019